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Live in a Condo? Let us guide you through the process. Hassle Free.

Condominiums soundproofing projects are our specialties. We’ll provide everything you need to make sure it’s a Hassle free process and get your floors installed in no time. We'll provide your HOA with all the STC Ratings, IIC Ratings, and make Acoustical Underlayment Recommendation to get your Hardwood Floor Project approved for installation. We're a fully licensed contractor serving Condominiums Communities throughout San Francisco.

  • Not sure what your HOA requirements are for soundproofing?
  • Don't know where or how to start the process?
  • What are IIC / STC ratings?
  • What type of acoustical Underlayment is best?
  • Can I Float / Glue / Staple my hardwood?
  • Do I need a licensed contractor?

Let us do the leg work while you relax. We'll find a solution to meet your HOA requirements and get your approved in no time. Chances are, we probably already have done a project in your Condominium.