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Dustless Floor Sanding : Cleaner, Healthier & Quicker

Hi Tech Hardwood Floors is pleased to offer the Hi Tech Dustless Floor Sanding system to our San Francisco,Marin County and Oakland product offering .Our Dust Containment System virtually eliminates the airborne dust generated from the traditional sanding process. The system has powerful vacuum motors connected to all the sanding equipment and captures most if not all the dust during sanding. So what do you get when you combined 13 years of professional hardwood refinishing experience with a state of the art Dust Containment System? You get a refined product that's smooth, clean and durable for years to come.

Professional refinishing is truly an art form and it takes literally thousands of homes to really become an expert of hardwood refinishing. Not all Dustless Refinishing companies can claim they have the expertise to refinish your floors properly, state of the art equipment can never substitute for good old craftsmanship. Here at Hi Tech Hardwood Floors, we're combining the best of both worlds to provide you unmatched service in quality, service, and reliability.

Hi Tech Dustfree Refinishing Benefits:

Faster Clean-up.
Faster Turn-around
Less Airborne Dust
Superior Finished Product.
Healthier Alternative
Environmentally Safe