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Spill-proof, Maintenance-free,

No other floor covering category offers the variety of colors and patterns as vinyl flooring! Thanks to some great advancements in styling and technology, today's vinyl floors have been changed forever.

Vinyl Facts

  • Easy to clean
  • Stays looking like-new
  • Resists staining from normal household products
  • Doesn't show scratches easily
  • Resistance to tearing, gouging, ripping and indentations

The unique manufacturing processes used today can replicate the look and textures of real ceramic tile, stone and wood grains. Vinyl floors are manufactured in both sheet and tile. The vinyl sheet floors are offered in both 6 foot and 12 foot widths and the vinyl tiles come in various sizes and thicknesses. Both types of vinyl floors come in a wide array of patterns and colors.

The wearlayer is critical to the performance of a vinyl floor. The thickness of the wearlayer varies with each manufacturer's collection, or series and is generally measured in mils. The thickness of a mil is about the same as a page in your telephone book. So a 10 mil wearlayer would be comparable in thickness to about 10 pages in your telephone book.