Frequently Asked Questions

Products and services

  • Question) Do you offer traditional hardwood services?
  • Answer) Yes, we experts in hardwood, and perform the full spectrum of traditional wood services, like sanding, staining, refinishing and recoating.
  • Question) Do you provide a free estimate?
  • Answer) Yes, we are pleased to offer a complimentary estimate. Our approach gives you personal assistance in helping you match the perfect floor to your home and your life.

Preparing for installation

  • Question) What are your working hours?
  • Answer) We will arrive between 8:00am - 9:00am depending on your location. An initial walk through is provided to ensure all details of the work are covered. Our crew will return to apply subsequent finish coats if you have chosen our refinishing service.
  • Question) Do I need to remove our furniture?
  • Answer) It is recommend that you move and store your furniture away before we commence work. As the work area should be cleared of all furniture and personal items. Additional fees apply for moving service if the working area is not cleared.
  • Question) What about my toilet, or kitchen appliances?
  • Answer) Our recommendation is to have a professional plumber / appliance mover remove & reinstall these items before and after our work is completed. If necessary, we can disconnect and move these items. However we can not be held liable for water or gas leaks if any should occur. Additional fees apply.
  • Question) If I choose a traditional wood service, does it cause a lot of dust?
  • Answer) We respect your home the same as you. However it is important to note that the sanding dust is very fine and will filter through nearly any barrier, our goal is to minimize it. Please inquire about our DUSTLESS SANDING as this maybe a better option for those with young children. We cannot guarantee a 100% dust free environment due to the nature of this work.

Timing of projects

  • Question) How long does it take to install a new floor?
  • Answer) Andy will determine the timing of your project so you know what to expect. While the length varies for each individual project, typical time frames are:
    • 1-2 Days - Laminates Installation (150-350 sq ft/day)
    • 2-3 Days - Prefinished hardwoods (150-300 sq ft/day)
    • 4-8 Days - (Install / Sand / Refinishing Projects)
  • Question) Why do traditional wood services take longer?
  • Answer) Your wood floor can last a lifetime only with the proper care. We want to protect your investment, so we take no short cuts when laying, sanding and finishing your floor. With the “three-coat finish” process, each coat needs to dry for 24 hours before another coat is applied. Don’t be misled by companies that offer a “three-coat finish” in one day.

Project Completion

  • Question) What's that smell?
  • Answer) Our water base finish has a slight odor that should dissipate within a few days. The oil base finish tends to have a stronger smell which will take longer to air out of your home. It's suggested that you make arrangements to stay elsewhere if the smell is bothersome.
  • Question) Dust? I thought this was Dust-Free?
  • Answer) You may notice that some fine wood dust may find it's way to your walls, or window sills. This can not be avoided, it's in the nature of this type of construction work. You may need to spend a few hours to wipe things down or hire a cleaning service before returning home. Airborne dust may settle on the finish while the floor is drying, the floor may appear slightly rough, but this will be walked off within the the first few weeks.
  • Question) Paint Touch up?
  • Answer) Quite often there is some minor touch ups to baseboards or walls, as we're moving in product , equipment, or even your furniture. We do our very best to minimize our equipment touching your baseboards, but you need to be prepared if any touch up work is needed. As our project bids DO NOT include painting / touch up of any kind.

Walkthroughs and warranties

  • Question) Will you provide me with a final inspection?
  • Answer) Yes, before we consider a job complete, we do a mandatory walk through with you to ensure you’re satisfied with our work.
  • Question) Does your work come with a warranty?
  • Answer) We offer a full warranty against any problems resulting from substandard workmanship.

Licensing and insurance

  • Question) Are you licensed?
  • Answer) Yes, we are fully licensed by the State of California. You verify this going to the state board’s web site, click on “Check a Licensed Contractor” and enter our state license number: 859459.
  • Question) Are you insured to do commercial projects?
  • Answer) Yes, we can work on your commercial projects. Currently, our general liability insurance covers up to one million dollars.

More Information

  • Question) How can I learn more?
  • Answer) If you have additional questions or want to find out more about what we do, please call us @ 415-720-1612 today for your free estimate.