Natural beauty, Timeless Elegance, Strength

Your San Franicsco Hardwood Flooring Retailer / Dealer carrying Quailty Brand names like Mirage, Br-111, Tarkett, and Columbia Flooring. Prized for its timeless elegance and style. Warm and welcoming hardwood adds real value to your home. Lasts up to 100 years and its natural beauty enhances with age. Our showroom has a vast selection of all types of hardwood.

Hardwood Construction Types

  • Engineered wood made like plywood, several thin sheets of wood glued together in a crisscross formation topped with a hardwood veneer and usually can be refinished at least 1-3 times. So stable, you can install it virtually anywhere. Great for condominiums, or anywhere with excessive moisture concerns.
  • Pre-finished wood, ready-to-install solid wood strips that come sanded, stained and finished from the factory. Comes in ¾” Solid and almost every species & color imaginable.
  • Unfinished solid wood, cut from solid pieces of wood and milled into planks. Finishing is done in your home, allowing for handcrafted artistry. Choose custom-mixed colors or upscale patterns like parquet, medallions and borders. The possibilities are endless. We offer quality Polyurethanes, Waterborne, and Glitsa Swedish Finishes. The choice is yours.

Hardwood Flooring Selections

We source from many different Hardwood distributors like Golden State Flooring, Tom Duffy Company, PDS and chances are we have a better selection than your local Home Depot. Come visit us and take a look at what we have to offer.


Fade, Stain, Wear Resistant

Get the same chic look of hardwood at a more affordable price. This durable composite offers stronger resistance against scratches, dents and moisture.

Laminate Facts

  • Laminate flooring are extremely impact and scratch resistant, but are not real wood.
  • Although laminate floors are extremely tough, they can be scratched by big dogs or dragging heavy objects across the floor.
  • These floors are extremely stain resistant and will not fade from ultra-violet sunlight
  • Laminate flooring come in three types:
    • Glued-down, floating floors
      • Special glue is applied manually to the tongue & grooves of each plank.
    • Glueless floating floors
      • No glue, just click, or snap-fit locks planks together
    • Pre-glued floating floors
      • The glue is applied at the factory. Just moisten the plank tongue and insert into adjacent plank.
  • Trims and moldings are available for laminate floors. Moldings are laminated over a fiber core so they match the floor, or the moldings can also be made from real wood and color coordinate with the flooring.
  • Most laminate floors can be used anywhere within the home, including wet area such as bathrooms & kitchens
  • Laminate floors do not need a wax or polish.
  • Highly resistant to the effects of sunlight
  • Most laminate floors can be used over radiant heated concrete slabs

Laminate Installation Method

  • Laminate flooring uses the floating installation method, which means:
    • Laminate floors just rest on top of the subfloor. They are never secured or fastened to the substrate below. Instead they just lay on top of the substrate. Specially designed tongue-and-groove interlocking systems to secure planks together.
    • Float entire floor over a variety of sub floor materials, such as plywood, OSB, existing vinyl flooring, concrete slabs, etc...
    • You never have to glue-down, staple down, or nail-down laminate flooring.
    • Even though these floors are floated the sub floor still must be level for locking planks together.
    • Laminate floors require 1/8” Foam Padding so they can move freely


Comfort, Warmth, Value

Nothing feels softer and more plush on the feet than carpet. Simple to care for with a wide range of colors, thicknesses and textures. Come by our showroom to explore what is available for your home.

Carpet Facts

  • Laminate flooring uses the floating installation method, which means:
    • Exceptional Durability
    • Style – Wide variety of styles, textures and colors.
    • Comfort
    • Lasting Value


Spill-proof, Maintenance-free, Affordable

No other floor covering category offers the variety of colors and patterns as vinyl flooring! Thanks to some great advancements in styling and technology, today's vinyl floors have been changed forever.

Vinyl Facts

  • Easy to clean
  • Stays looking like-new
  • Resists staining from normal household products
  • Doesn't show scratches easily
  • Resistance to tearing, gouging, ripping and indentation

The unique manufacturing processes used today can replicate the look and textures of real ceramic tile, stone and wood grains. Vinyl floors are manufactured in both sheet and tile. The vinyl sheet floors are offered in both 6 foot and 12 foot widths and the vinyl tiles come in various sizes and thicknesses. Both types of vinyl floors come in a wide array of patterns and colors.

The wearlayer is critical to the performance of a vinyl floor. The thickness of the wearlayer varies with each manufacturer's collection, or series and is generally measured in mils. The thickness of a mil is about the same as a page in your telephone book. So a 10 mil wearlayer would be comparable in thickness to about 10 pages in your telephone book.