Professional Installation

Professional Hardwood Floor Installation by Hi Tech Hardwood Floor of San Francisco. We can provide you with a floating floor hardwood installation, glue down floor hardwood installation, Staple floor hardwood installation method. You can trust us to do your floor right. Maybe you’re renovating a beloved San Francisco Victorian, updating your loft’s kitchen, or quieting a few squeaky boards. Every project gets the same level of reliable service and detailed attention.

Hi Tech offers professional hardwood flooring installation that emphasizes on proper job site preparation and cleanliness. We check and double check the installation conditions with moisture meters and tools as need to ensure a proper install. We will provide recommendations for which installation method will be used. Our most popluar installation method is a Floating Floor Hardwood Installation. It reduces the installation time and get you back into your home quickly. The second best option is a Staple Floor Hardwood Installation, as this provides a very stable and solid installation. Lastly the Glue Down floor hardwood installation is best suit for concrete subfloors if you want a solid feeling flooring.Our highly trained installers are certified by the NWFA to install both unfinished hardwood floors and prefinished hardwood floors. . Visit our showroom for greater selection of prefinished hardwoods.

The team consists of Owner Andy Tran and our in house staff of trained San Francisco installers. The knowledge and skill of each installer ensure that every aspect of your project is well care for. Since, we are in control of the entire process, you can rest assure that your project will be completed on schedule with the highest quality craftsmanship you can expect.

NWFA Training Certifications

We are an active member with the National Hardwood Floor Associations; we’re up to date on industry standards and new techniques to improve process and procedures. Our ongoing commitment to training with the NWFA expands our knowledge and ensures you get a quality job that will last a lifetime. We have access to resources to guarantee that you get a quality install from the start.

Dustless Floor Sanding & Refinishing

Dustless Floor Sanding : Cleaner, Healthier & Quicker

Hi Tech Hardwood Floors is pleased to offer the Hi Tech Dustless Floor Sanding system to our San Francisco,Marin County and Oakland product offering .Our Dust Containment System virtually eliminates the airborne dust generated from the traditional sanding process. The system has powerful vacuum motors connected to all the sanding equipment and captures most if not all the dust during sanding. So what do you get when you combined 13 years of professional hardwood refinishing experience with a state of the art Dust Containment System? You get a refined product that's smooth, clean and durable for years to come.

Professional refinishing is truly an art form and it takes literally thousands of homes to really become an expert of hardwood refinishing. Not all Dustless Refinishing companies can claim they have the expertise to refinish your floors properly, state of the art equipment can never substitute for good old craftsmanship. Here at Hi Tech Hardwood Floors, we're combining the best of both worlds to provide you unmatched service in quality, service, and reliability.

Hi Tech Dustfree Refinishing Benefits:

  • Faster Clean-up
  • Faster Turn-around
  • Less Airborne Dust
  • Superior Finished Product
  • Healthier Alternative
  • Environmentally Safe

Professional Refinishing

Experts of Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Professional sanding & refinishing hardwood floors is truly an art form, owner Andy Tran has perfected his craftsmanship over the past decades throughtout San Francisco , Marin County and Oakland homes and will restore your aged wood to the shine and luster it had they day it was installed.

Hardwood floor sanding and refinishing is a delicate process. We know that yours hardwood floors can only be sanded a handful of times. With our technical knowledge, we pay extra attention to the grit of sand paper used to prolong the life of your floors.

Only the very best Polyurethane Finish or Waterborne Finish is applied to keep your floor’s original beauty for the years to come. We provide nothing less than a three coat finish process, each having to cure for 24hrs.

Want a custom look? We offer a full selection of staining options, we specialize in dark staining produces. Staining hardwood often required specialize technical experiences to get it just right. We at Hi Tech have the technical know-how and experience to ensure your dark staining project will come out right the 1st time.

Condominium Installation

Live in a Condo? Let us guide you through the process. Hassle Free.

Condominiums soundproofing projects are our specialties. We’ll provide everything you need to make sure it’s a Hassle free process and get your floors installed in no time. We'll provide your HOA with all the STC Ratings, IIC Ratings, and make Acoustical Underlayment Recommendation to get your Hardwood Floor Project approved for installation. We're a fully licensed contractor serving Condominiums Communities throughout San Francisco.

  • Not sure what your HOA requirements are for soundproofing?
  • Don't know where or how to start the process?
  • What are IIC / STC ratings?
  • What type of acoustical Underlayment is best?
  • Can I Float / Glue / Staple my hardwood?
  • Do I need a licensed contractor?

Let us do the leg work while you relax. We'll find a solution to meet your HOA requirements and get your approved in no time. Chances are, we probably already have done a project in your Condominium.

Valve Added Services

Furniture & Appliance Moving Baseboard Installation, General Carpentry Services

Hi Tech Hardwood Floors offers many value added services that other Flooring contractors can't accommodate. What to do with that old carpet you ask? Should I hire a general contractor to install my new baseboards? What about all this furniture in my house? Well, we be more than happy to provide you with a solution. If not, we have a vast referral network of contractors to help you finish your project.

If you compared us to other C-15 Flooring contractor, no doubt you will received the best value and service from Hi Tech Hardwood Floors. Our installers are highly skilled and can tackle on many general carpentry work to help you finish your flooring project.

Customer Testimonials

"They Simplified the entire process. They handle the moving and preparation for my living and dining room and even place felt pads on all my heavy furniture items. Very please with their overall service". -Irene, San Francisco

"Andy was very up front with what he was going to do for us. He removed and hauled away the carpet in our home, sanded and refinished the hardwood. His crew spent a good amount of time wiping down and cleaning our house too. Thank You!." -Kelly & John, San Rafael

"These guys were fantastic, I had 3 different bids and only Andy's company put me at ease. There was no comparison since the other bidders wouldn't remove our baseboards and told us to get a handyman. Things worked out great.!" -Susan, San Francisco